Preparation Guidelines

All furniture and items should be removed from all areas of installation.  In cases where this is not possible & we have discussed it, below are the minimum guidelines that should be followed for preparing for your new flooring.

Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room and Office
  • Remove all small items, i.e. knick knacks, lamps, plants, books, candles, etc. from all areas.
  • Empty all bookcases, hutches, china cabinets, entertainment centers.
  • Empty or remove all desk and dresser drawers.
  • Disconnect all electronics – televisions, stereos, and computers.
  • Remove all linens and pillows from beds and take beds apart.
  • Remove all items off pantry and/ or closet floors.

Kitchen & Utility Room
Disconnect water line to icemaker.  Secure all items inside refrigerator.  Remove all items from inside and on tops of washer and dryer.  Disconnect all water and electrical lines.

Remove all items off the floor.  Toilet and sink need to be removed.

Cover all doorways and openings with plastic. You may also want to remove drapes or cover them with plastic. Any furniture that is not being moved out of the areas of installation should be covered with plastic to help protect from the dust.  There will be a lot of dust!!

If you are getting the material yourself, it must be stored inside the house with the HVAC system on.  It must be stored in a climate controlled environment.  It cannot be stored in your car, garage, attic or storage building.  You should inspect every carton for damage.

If we assist you in moving any furniture or appliances, we will not be liable for any damage which may occur.  We cannot move any waterbeds, grandfather clocks, aquariums, pianos, pool tables or safes.

It is important for you to practice safety while the installers are working in your home. Keep children and pets away from the work areas. If you have to go into the work area be very careful because of the many tools being used and those that may be lying on the ground.  There are sharp objects (saws, blades, nails, etc.) as well as materials (adhesive, mineral spirits, etc.) that could be harmful if touched or swallowed.

Removing existing flooring (carpet, tile, etc.) and installing new flooring will stir up and create a lot of dust.  Other things that also create dust are scraping residue off the concrete (paint, etc), sweeping, vacuuming, undercutting door jambs and fireplaces.  The saws will be set up outside and there will be a lot of saw dust in that area.  We recommend you remove all items that you do not want to dust later.  We recommend you cover all doorways outside the areas that are getting new flooring with plastic.  Dust particles will still penetrate in those areas but hanging plastic should reduce the amount of dust.  Dust will continue to settle for several days after the installation is complete.  You may want to hire a cleaning service to clean once we have completed your new floor.

Caring for your new floor
Carefully and gently remove any blue tape on transition pieces.   You do not want to damage the finish on the wood.  The blue tape must be removed 24 hours after installation is complete.  Leave any heavy weight on transitions for at least 72 hours so they will be securely bonded to the floor.  Use felt pads on the bottom of furniture that moves (chairs, ottomans, tables, etc) to protect your floor.  DO NOT use anything other than felt pads or material type pads.  Plastic or metal will cause damage to your floor.

Allow the adhesive to dry for at least 24 hours before moving any furniture back on hardwood floors.

Follow the Manufacturer's Guidelines for cleaning and care of your new floor.

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